Hello and welcome to my website.

Please feel free to look around and enjoy the wide variety of sporting and collectable cutlery I have available.

Please check out my policies page for all the info you need to purchase from my site which I hope will also put your mind at rest that I am a responsible and a conscientious seller.

Last updated:  05/03/21

Updates to the website

To all my customers past and potential I'm sorry my website has been in such poor order for so long!

I appreciate you dropping by hoping I've updated.

My office is now workable but I just can't get the most important bit sorted yet, the photo studio.

This is also the most time consuming part of keeping things up to date as the stock I carry is very fast moving low volume/one off and never stays the same unlike some sites with stock items that are in production for years at a time.

As a work around till I can invest some real time again into the website I am posting lists of my available stock which I will be able to keep up to date far more easily the downside is no pictures.

My suggestion is add me to WhatsApp and request a picture of what you would like to see.  They won't be as good as in a lightbox though!!

Also I have a new Instagram account where all new stock will be pictured on arrival.  Follow me at:


I know this seems like an unprofessional shambles at the minute and I'd have to agree but real work enables me to do this and bring these niche hard to find items to you and it will need my time and attention for longer than anticipated now we have to deal with the fall out of the Corona Virus shambles.

I appreciate your time and patience as I know I'm not as easy to deal with as a click to order website.

Anyway just to say I'm still here, still open for business so feel free to drop me a line.

I'm still UK GEC dealer and always get a delivery of their new releases as they come out even if they are not on the site.

I now have over 60 Randall Made knives in stock, so ask me for what you'd like and I may have something for you.

Many thanks


Wanted knife collections, large or small. Please provide photos and/or detailed list.

Always looking for knives by Alan Wood, Shing, Chris Reeve, Stuart Mitchell, Rob Bailey, Randall's* Etc

Fixed or Folding

Slipjoint and Traditionals by Case, GEC, Queen, S&M, Parker, Remington Etc.

*(Will take any unwanted orders, deposits returned plus bonus payment)