Hello and welcome to my website.

Please feel free to look around and enjoy the wide variety of sporting and collectable cutlery I have available.

Please check out my policies page for all the info you need to purchase from my site which I hope will also put your mind at rest that I am a responsible and a conscientious seller.

Last updated:  18/11/2019

An Apology

To all my customers past and potential I'm sorry my website has been in such poor order for so long!

I appreciate you dropping by and hoping I've updated but truth be told I'm struggling.  I've still no office but I am currently working on that and hope the delay is now in weeks rather than months.  So no office means no photo's and no updates.  I am frustrated by this and also the fact I don't know which way to update the full site whilst the new legislation is being debated, I don't even know if the whole online model will be a thing in a few months.  I believe it will be and if not I think there will be a viable work around, mainly with the sub three inch non locking knives.

Anyway just to say I'm still here, still open for business so feel free to drop me a line.

I'm still UK GEC dealer and always get a delivery of their new releases as they come out even if they are not on the site.

I now have over 60 Randall Made knives in stock, so ask me for what you'd like and I may have something for you.

Please keep dropping by because I promise you when I get the new site locked and loaded you will be amazed at the selection that will be on offer, as anyone who has seen my display at a show will tell you.

Many thanks


Wanted knife collections, large or small. Please provide photos and/or detailed list.

Always looking for knives by Alan Wood, Shing, Chris Reeve, Stuart Mitchell, Rob Bailey, Randall's* Etc

Fixed or Folding

Slipjoint and Traditionals by Case, GEC, Queen, S&M, Parker, Remington Etc.

*(Will take any unwanted orders, deposits returned plus bonus payment)